Collaborative Class Journals

Last week I made a spur of the moment decision to end class by asking kids to share one takeaway from class on a Jamboard. We had just completed Lessons 2 + 3 from Open Up Resources 7th grade Unit 3: Measuring Circles. This was the result:

This gave me the idea to create a CLASS JOURNAL that we could use for the entire unit. I’m in love with this idea!

I sometimes ask kids to share a takeaway in the Zoom chat or ask them to reflect in a digital journal, but the chat takeaways are lost in some scary Zoom database and the journal entries are mostly private. A class journal has the potential to:

  • increase knowledge mobility
  • become a reference
  • help us reflect on how our understanding has grown throughout the unit

I used the journal somewhat inconsistently for the circle unit – here’s what it looks like (with their names blocked out) – but I’m looking forward a better version for our next unit.

Suggestions/ideas welcome!

Always happy to hear from readers!