Intervention Resources for 6th Grade: Introducing Ratios

This is a collection of activities, lessons, warm ups, and graphic organizers to support kids with their understanding of ratios. Chosen particularly to go along with Open Up Resources 6th Grade Unit 2, but hopefully useful to support any curriculum. I’m still on the lookout for great resources to support kids with the standards from earlier grades. Suggestions welcome!

Background Knowledge:

Equivalent Fractions  (4.NF.A.1): 

Find Equivalent Fractions (10 min)
Use the fraction circles to find equivalent fractions. Great warm up activity.
Match Equivalent Fractions(10 min)
A quick worksheet asking kids to identify equivalent fractions with different representations.
Desmos Pipe Flow Kids have to match equivalent fractions to complete a pipe puzzle. Self-checking practice activity.Find Equivalent Fractions (10-15 min)
Basic practice identifying equivalent fractions. 

More resources for this standard can be found on the Achieve the Core site.

Other standards assessed on the Illustrative Mathematics pre-unit assessment:

Multiplying by fractions (5.NF.B.5) (4.NF.B.4.c)Multiplication as Comparisons/Basic Multiplication Facts (4.OA.A.1)Place Value Understanding (multiplying and dividing by powers of 10) (4.NBT.A.1)Number Line Knowledge (2MD.B.6)(3.NF.A.2)

Grade Level Support:

Ratio language and the idea of equivalent ratios (6.RP.1)

I Spy Ratios (Full class!)
Practice ratio language by playing I Spy: To warm up, Kids search for ratios in a collection:

And then, the fun part: Kids create their own digital collections and describe the ratios in them. Assign via google classroom so each kid has their own editable slideshow.
Source: CountJoy12 blog post
Desmos: Practice Ratio Language by Describing and Drawing Images
Desmos: Paint
Help students “develop an informal understanding of equivalent ratios.”
Scaling Recipes Up and Down
Good number sense activity to give kids practice scaling ratios up and down. 

Could be fun to follow up by having kids bring in a recipe from their family and making a poster showing how to scale up/down their own recipe. 
Identifying Equivalent Ratios
Simple fluency task: group the equivalent ratios.
Frayer Model for Equivalent Ratio
Open Middle Ratio Challenges

Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve problems (6.RP.A.3, 6.RP.A.2)

Desmos: Nana’s Chocolate Milk
Students apply their understanding of equivalent ratios to fix a mistake in a recipe. 
Using Tape Diagrams to Reason About Ratios
A set scaffolded problems requiring students to solve different pieces of information.
Which is the best deal? (Full lesson!)
A problem-solving lesson from Robert Kaplinsky that gets kids reasoning about unit rate and equivalent ratios.
Desmos: Click Battle (Full lesson!) A fun unit rate activity. 

Released NY State Test Questions
A collection of ratio and rate problems from NY State tests. Could be used in a variety of ways: white board hold up game or cut up and let kids pick one at a time to solve, possibly on newsprint paper. 
Solving a Ratio Problem in Different Ways!
Asking kids to solve the same problem in four different ways can help them synthesize the strategies they’ve been learning and the different methods for organizing their thinking. 

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