One-day Desmos Transformation Art Project

Time with my students is LIMITED this year. I created a super short Desmos art project to wrap up our study of Open Up Resources/Illustrative Mathematics Unit 1. I let them hang out in Zoom breakout rooms while they work: they seem to prefer bigger groups and I tried to group them with the kids they are most comfortable/chatty with.

The task was simple: Use the Desmos transformation tools to create a piece of art using each type of rigid transformation at least once, then describe each of the transformations. The activity walks them through the tools first which makes it easy to monitor them and ensure they all understand the tools before they get started.

My students had 1.5 hours to work on it during a Zoom class. I was pretty impressed by their work:

The feedback from them was pretty good too given the low-bar of distance-learning. Two kids did request being given a pattern to create/a template of some kind…..which could be nice to offer.

Here’s the link to the activity!


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