Resources for Supporting 8th Graders with Rigid Transformations and Congruence

Building Familiarity with Degrees and Angles (Background knowledge)

Desmos Laser Challenge
Kids adjust the angles of the mirrors and lasers to hit the targets.
Estimating Angles 
Kids practice estimating the sizes of different angles. I’ve found they enjoy playing around with this for about 10 minutes.
Leveled Practice: Wagon Wheels
Kids practice finding angle measures around a point. Builds numerical fluency working with the number 360.

Building Proficiency with the Coordinate Plane (Background knowledge) 

Desmos Battle Boat
Kids partner up, swap laptops, and build proficiency by playing battleship.
Desmos Polygraph Points
Kids play a polygraph game (think Guess Who but with math images) designed to elicit vocabulary related to ]the coordinate plane.
Leveled Practice: Plotting and Naming Coordinates
Simple, straight forward practice.
Source for projecting examples:
Desmos Pumpkin Carving
Students carve a virtual pumpkin by plotting points. (~15 min)
Open Middle Problems
#1: Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane(source)
Write a letter: How to Plot Points

Kids synthesize their learning by writing a note to a friend summarizing the steps for plotting points and creating an example. 

Desmos Target Practice

Kids practice graphing points by trying to hit targets.

Quadrilaterals and Coordinates
Kids reason about distance on the coordinate plane and characteristics of special quadrilaterals to figure out coordinates of vertices. (No grid or labels, so kids really need to think about the structure of the plane!) 

Describing, Visualizing, and Applying Rigid Transformations

(8.G.A.1, 8.G.A.2, 8.G.A.3)

Transforming Rabbits
Kids describe the rigid transformation that takes Rabbit A to Rabbit B. Tracing paper necessary. Turn into a game!
How to get there? Kids figure out how to get from one triangle to another by applying rigid transformations. Identify the Transformation Quick basic practice identifying types of transformations. Congruent Halves
These puzzles develop kids’ visualization skills, reinforce the idea of congruence, and rotations. 
Desmos Rigid Transformation Golf
Kids have to figure out how to use a sequence of transformations to move the pre-image to the image without hitting the obstacles. (Usually fun!)
Notes on Rigid Transformations
Kids complete a graphic organizer with examples, definitions, and tips of all three types of transformations. (You could also have kids do this idea without the graphic organizer.)
Aaron’s Designs
Kids practice drawing reflections and rotations, and describing translations on the coordinate plane. 
Mini Transformation Art Project
Kids rotate, reflect, and translate a picture in the coordinate plane. More examples to share with kids here

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