Using Open Up Resources during Online Learning

When distance learning started last spring, I didn’t even attempt to keep using Open Up Resources/Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 curriculum. I mean….I used bits and pieces on Desmos, but, for the most part, resorted to a sad version of the already uninspiring I do-We do- You do. (Along the lines of “I do” and “I hope you do” kind of thing!)

This fall, I’m determined to make the OUR/IM curriculum work. I want to get my students problem solving, reasoning, and collaborating again. The first question I had was how can I make space for my students to collaborate effectively?

Trying to make the most of breakout rooms…

I want to be as clear as possible with my students about collaborative structures.

I’ve landed on three for our Zoom breakout rooms:

(1) Quick Chats: (2-3 people per breakout room) Gives all kids the chance to process new ideas and strategies verbally. Planning to use these towards the end of class during the lesson syntheses.

(2) Collaborative group work: (4 people per room) One person in each group is designated the “table leader.” The table leader shares their screen with the group and is in charge of recording the groups ideas on google slides. We practiced this on the first day with @allison_krasnow’s “What is a sandwich” lesson. Find my slides here, if you’d like to use them!

(3) Supportive group work: (I need a better name for this one!) Students are in breakout rooms, but they are each completing the assignments individually. They are encouraged to ask questions, check in with their classmates, and occasionally share screens to show their work. I’m aiming for intermittent collaboration here.

My first OUR/IM Lessons:

I wanted to share how I adapted the first two 8th grade lessons to work online. I know I would love to see how more teachers are facilitating math lessons online. Since we have 90 minute classes, I combined them into one longer lesson. I figure the best way to share is by turning over the slides. Many thanks to Jennifer Wilson for her slides and Morgan Stipe for hers. I tweaked them both a bit.

You can take a look at my distance-learning version here! It includes links to all of the other materials, like the google slide card sort:

and the desmos activity with the Open Up problems, cool down, and practice problems.

Always happy to hear from readers!