Number Sense JamBoards

I’ve been asking my 7th graders to work in teams of three on these Jamboards at the start of class. I created them using problems/puzzles from Don Steward’s incredible blog. I give them a new one each week and they work on them every day for about 10-15 minutes in breakout rooms with consistent groups. I’m hoping to build their fluency and also get them in the habit of puzzling their way through problems.

I will keep adding to the collection as I create them. (And okay, fine…#4 is not strictly number sense.)

#1. Balancing Mobiles

Skills: Halving, doubling, reasoning about balance and equality.


#2. Factor Trees

Skills: Factors, multiplication and division.


#3. Make the Equation True

Skills: Fluency with multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Some slides include integers.


#4. Find the Shape Puzzles

Skills: Visualization skills. Reviews squares, rectangles, parallelograms, isosceles trapezoids, and right triangles.


Always happy to hear from readers!